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Get news on the next Official Buffalo Comicon, Free Comic Book Day, and other great comic book events here.

Our Main Events

Buffalo Comicon

Three times a year we celebrate comic books and comics culture with the Official Buffalo Comicon! We have been nurturing geek chic for over 20 years. Join us at our next event.

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Annual Free
Comic Book Day

Usually held on the first Saturday in May, we take part in the annual FCBD event that cultivates comics fans by attracting casual collectors and new readers.

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Justice League of WNY
Cosplay Events

Follow the Justice League of Western New York as they share passion for comics and sci fi, while giving back to worthy causes and raising spirits in area hospitals.

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Buffalo Comicon

Our next BUFFALO COMICON event is only a few short weeks away!

Get your tickets now for the Saturday, October 19th official BUFFALO COMICON event.

Just in time for Hallowe’en and the Holidays, it promises to be our biggest and best gathering yet!

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Free Comic
Book Day

Queen City Bookstore supports the national Free Comic Book Day event in Buffalo.

The comic book holiday is an annual promotional effort by North American comic book publishers. It helps bring new readers into comic book stores and get them into collecting comics.

On Free Comic Book Day, Queen City Bookstore and other national stores give away specially printed copies of free comic books. However, we do not get the issues for free. We do this because we think it’s good for child literacy, and it nurtures the market. This is not just an investment into our market. It’s investing in the future readers and leaders of Buffalo.

In addition to comic books, we also give away other merchandise, like mini posters and other memorabilia.

This Summer, we will be giving away Free Comic Books, since the May event was canceled due to the Corona Panic.

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JLWNY Cosplay Events

In addition, we sponsor Cosplay Events throughout the year in conjunction with the Justice League of WNY. These events are probably the best opportunity to see the creativity and love fans have for their favorite characters and stories. Of course, we’ll keep you posted here, when new events are scheduled.

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