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Celebrating 50 Years of Greatness.

Our Story of Half a Century

A brief history about Queen City Bookstore.

Queen City Bookstore opened in 1969.

For starters, Queen City Bookstore is centrally located in Erie County. That probably helps make the store in North Buffalo a local hub for discussions about comic books, cosplay events, and fan networking.

Queen City Bookstore 1969
Emil Novak Sr. 1972

Family First

Most importantly, QCB is family owned and operated. Our new site is dedicated to the founder of Queen City Bookstore, Emil Novak (pictured). He had the vision to open a store dedicated to comic books 50 years ago, before the birth of the direct market.

The store is run today by Emil J. Novak, his son, and Emil Jr, his grandson. In other words, it’s a homegrown Buffalo success story. Indeed, the Novaks are proud of all they have done for area comics fans. In fact, they brag about how their customers are some of the smartest, most insightful and creative hobbyists around. They are the Novaks’ extended family

What We Love About Comics

To clarify, modern comics surpass most other media. That is to say that Comics storytelling today remains flexible and versatile. Perhaps some think that comics are old fashioned. However, your friends at Queen City Bookstore sure don’t.

In fact, Comics are such an expressive medium that, when directors are planning a movie, they “storyboard” the scenes. Briefly, what that actually means is that they make a comic strip of the imagined action!

To sum up, Comics have the power to entertain, inform, educate and most importantly, inspire. They also have a much lower price point than a lot of entertainment options like video games, movies, toys and other books.

Comics: More BANGS for your BUCKS!

QCB comic book wallpapers
Emil Sr reading an early graphic novel 1977

“As the longtime proprietor of Queen City Bookstore, Mr. Novak can confidently lay claim to being the greatest force of good for comic book lovers in our city’s illustrious history.”


50 Years Cultivating Geek Chic

The first 50 years of Queen City Bookstore sure have been something. Of course, a lot has changed. For example, Comic Books averaged just 12 cents each in 1969.

The Comic Book Industry really has evolved a lot in 5 decades, and Queen City Bookstore has certainly been there for all of it.

As we stand poised upon another 50 years of great stories and art from the next generation of masters, we’re here for all your comic book needs.

Our Comic Book Store

Take a look at our superhero shop through the years!

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About Our Mascot Logos

Explore our mascot gallery. Recognize any of the characters behind our brand?

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Fun Fact

Did you know that Q-Bot features qualities from about 9 different super heroes. Can you identify them all?

Super Parts Answers

Super Parts Answers

Iron Man (head), The Flash (ears), Machine Man (neck), Captain America (upper torso), Spider-Man (shoulders), Batman (gauntlets), Wolverine (claws), Superman (underwear) and Wonder Woman (belt).

What Our Customers
Love About Us

QCB customers inside store

Above all, folks appreciate that QCB love comic books. We also love our customers. That’s why we always have all new releases, and give discounts to our regulars. What’s more, we reserve books, send out subscriptions, and help fans locate hard to find items.

W’re proud to nurture the market by organizing the Buffalo Comicon! We also helped bring Cosplay fans together for charitable events.

For all these reasons, Queen City Bookstore really is Buffalo’s King of Comics.